Miracle Collar Cribbing Strap

Miracle Collar Cribbing Strap by Weaver Leather
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  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather
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Miracle Collar by Weaver Leather

There is a reason it's called a miracle. In fact, there's lots of them:

The Miracle Collar features a patented, correct fit which allows it to be worn comfortably and applies pressure only when the horse attempts to crib. As a result, horses can wear the Miracle Collar without pain or discomfort while drinking, eating, grazing or being ridden.

Leather connector strap helps keep browband in place and ensures that the Miracle Collar will not slide around or off and become ineffective.

Carefully crafted from the highest quality leather for strength and gentleness to the hair coat.

Eliminates the need and expense of other anti-cribbing products like paints, sprays, straps, etc.

Sizes: Small - fits weanlings, yearlings and small ponies; Medium - fits large ponies and average size horses; Large - fits warmbloods, drafts and large horses.

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