Nylon One Ear Headstall Solid Color for Cob/Arab/Small Horse

Cob, Arab or POA Nylon One Ear Headstall by Parker Enterprises
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  • Item #: 22100CobArab1EarSolid
  • Manufacturer: Parker Enterprises
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Smaller sized, solid color nylon one ear headstall with stainless buckles made by Parkers.

Fits Cob, POA, Arab or smaller horses.

Double adjustment buckles for a better fit especially when using gag bits that need a short headstall. This 3/4 inch nylon headstall is a great value for your dollar and will last for years.

Headstall sizing:

  • This Cob/POA/Arab size is 27 inches measured from end to end at bit attachment to 37 inches adjusted as large as possible.

For reference here's our Horse & Pony sizing:

  • Horse is 31 inches at the smallest and 41 inches adjusted as large as possible. A horse headstall set at the smallest size will fit a medium sized pony.
  • Pony is 26 inches at the smallest and 36 inches at the largest.

These match our Nylon Breastcollars, Browband Headstalls, Noseband Tiedowns, and Tiedown Straps also made by Parker Enterprises

More than 81 color combinations available by purchasing 3 solid color headstalls! See the picture below. These were made with a solid hot pink, solid turquoise, and solid purple. Could also make one a double ear headstall. Use your imagination!

Nylon one ear headstalls

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