Pony Browband Headstall Hot Pink Black

Hot pink and black pony Browband Headstall by Parker Enterprises
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  • Item #: 24120PonyHotPinkBlack
  • Manufacturer: Parker Enterprises
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Hot pink and black PONY browband headstall with throatlatch and stainless buckles made by Parkers

Double adjustment buckles on the cheeks and throatlatch for a better fit. Each side of the headstall has 6 holes for adjustment. The throatlatch also has 6 holes on each side for easy adjustment.

This headstall is black base with hot pink overlay and black cheek pieces. 3/4 inch nylon.

Pony size


  • The smallest size this will adjust to is 25 inches. That is measured from end to end where the bit attaches, across the top of the poll. Adjusted as large as possible this headstall is 34 inches. The browband is 10.5 inches across.

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