Quiacal Paste Finish Line

Quaical Paste Finish Line
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  • Manufacturer: Finish Line
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QuiaCal by Finish Line is a high potency Thiamine (b-1), magnesium and calcium supplement that promotes a healthy nervous system in the horse.

QuiaCal is an aid in prevention of minor nervousness during times of stress, due to B1 and /or Magnesium deficiency.

Supplied in convenient 1/2 ounce oral syringe, in paste form.

Patable apple cinnamon flavoring. Does not contain tryptophan, and will not make your horse dopey.

Directions: Give the full syringe contents to the back of the horse's throat within 3 hours of a stressfull event

Guaranteed Analysis: per 15cc - thiamine 770 mg, magnesium 190 mg, calcium 445mg

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