U Gard Powder 4 pounds

U-Gard Ulcer Supplement Powder
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  • Manufacturer: Corta Flex
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U-Gard is highly effective on gastric lesions!

U-Gard is a calcium-magnesium dietary supplement for horses, ponies and foals. Feed the average horse 1 scoop (1 oz) twice daily along with the horse's regular feed. To ease the stress or competition or training, feed one additional ounce. Adjust the dose in relation to body weight. A 4 lb. pail will provide up to a 32 day supply for one horse.

The Results Are In! Field Trials Prove U-GARD Highly Effective On Gastric Ulcers!

Results of a 73-day field trial conducted with thoroughbreds at a race training facility in Southern Illinois showed impressive improvements in horses with a variety of grades of ulceration through treatment with U-GARD. One horse made a complete recovery, with no evidence of gastric ulcers or lesions, and all made significant improvements.

Get U-GARD for your horse and make gastric ulcers a thing of the past.

4 pound container

For more information: www.u-gardresearch.com/

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