Finish Line Blaster Essential Oil Fly Spray 4 oz Refill

Finish Line Blaster Essential Oil Fly Spray 4 oz Refill

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Finish Line's Blaster Horse Spray is a concentrated blend of 7 natural essential oils in a water soluble base that is safe for dogs and horses

  • Contains Tea Tree, Calendula, and Rosemary to help promote healthy skin for your horse
  • Also contains Citronella, Cedarwood, and Lemongrass to naturally repel insects
  • Gentle, safe and effective oil based spray with a pleasant lemon/rosemary scent
  • Combine with Apple Cider Vinegar for an added bug repelling boost

Laboratory tests show that a foil sealed 4 oz concentrate stays fresh while stored for long periods of time; as soon as it is open and diluted, you have a very fresh aromatic horse spray. Concentrates are both environmentally friendly economical.

Add entire 4 oz. bottle to 1 quart sprayer. Add 14 oz Apple Cider Vinegar. Fill with cool water. Attach spray head and shake well. 

Do not use on cats.

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