Gallagher Solar & Battery Energizer Fence and Earth Leadset, 407

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Complete the connection with Gallagher Fence & Ground Leadset with red & green alligator clips. Connect to Energizers, Fence Chargers, Power Supplies & Earthing Systems.

Compatible with S10, S16 and S20 Energizers/Fence Chargers.

  • S10 ENERGIZER LEADSET - The Gallagher S10 fence and ground leadset features red and green alligator clips which easily clip to electric fences. As output leads the S10 leadset can handle several thousand volts.
  • IDEAL FOR FARMERS - Measuring 70" / 1.8m this versatile leadset is ideal for hobby farmers, ranchers, and agriculturalists. The leadset can connect to energizer wires, power supplies and grounding systems.
  • 2 STEP INSTRUCTIONS - Follow these simple instructions to connect the S10 Leadset to a compatible energizer. (1) Under the cap of the energizer, unscrew the red and green knobs, you will now see 2 brass peg ends. (2) Match the leadset corresponding color terminal ends to the brass pegs and screw the cap back on. The Leadset will now be connected to the energizer.
  • MULTI PURPOSE - The S10 Leadset is suitable for use as a replacement leadset for Gallagher energizer models; S10, S16, S17, S20, S22, B700, and B1600.
  • MADE TO LAST - Designed to be used outdoors, this leadset will be reliable for many years on the farm even in extreme weather conditions. For your peace of mind, the Gallagher S10 Leadset comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Gallagher S10/S16/S20 Leadset G59300

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