Martha Josey Million Dollar Copper Wrapped Mullen Bit 120

Martha Josey Million Dollar Copper Wrapped Mullen Bit 120

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Martha Josey Million Dollar copper wrapped mullen mouth combination bit 120

The Million Dollar bit has won a lot of money for many riders. This bit features a copper-wrapped mullen mouthpiece with a rope noseband. The mullen mouthpiece has copper wrapping at the bars in combination with the rope noseband helps to get your horse's nose and round out the turn. The copper mouthpiece also keeps the horse's mouth moist which makes the horse more willing to be trained. It is a favorite of many timed event riders because it is such a proven winner. Use this bit for training a young horse or a competition horse that's already patterned.

5 inch mouth. Rings are 3.75 inches measured outside to outside. Includes black rubber bit guards.

Remember: start with the lightest bit possible and progress from there. It's difficult to move backwards.

"These bits have proven themselves, not only in our Josey Clinics, Schools, and Seminars, but also in competitions around the world." Martha Josey

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