Reinsman Wither Relief Cut Back Saddle Pad 230

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Reinsman wither relief cut back Herculon top saddle pad 230

Made for the well rounded horse with a more prominent withers or just want to give more freedom in the withers area. The cut back pad may be for you. The area usually riding over the top of the withers is removed, allowing the withers to rise freely into the gullet of the saddle. Your horse can move more naturally under saddle. 

The plush fleece bottom comfort next to the horse. There is a channel designed on the inside of the pad for spine relief.


  • Size: 32 inches x 32 inches
  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Cutback wither for wither relief is 6 inches long
  • Black wear leathers
  • Tough Herculon top that is lightweight, non absorbent, stain and UV resistant
  • Inside of the pad is "Comfort Felt" to absorb shock
  • Great choice for an everyday use pad

Maize colored synthetic sheepskin bottom allows airflow and moisture balance through your pad. The Maize bottom is a long lasting woven fabric blown through with the best possible synthetic pile. The pile used is not a "slick" cheap acrylic. (The cheap acrylics pads cost a lot less, but they are as slick as glass once wet with sweat. To reduce the costs even more, cheap pads use a pressed "who knows what" mixed fiber, bacteria breeding, type padding within the fabrics - also not the best - but they're cheap. The better Reinsman construction allows your pad to dry faster than a solid type of bottom.

Herculon is constructed from a fiber created in 1957 that resulted in a Nobel prize for its inventor. At the time, it was considered a miracle breakthrough in the textile industry. Today, it continues to be one of the most widely used performance fibers in the world. It’s lightweight, non-absorbent construction is abrasion, stain, and UV resistant, making it a perfect fit for saddle pad construction.

Care: Clean with a water hose, mild detergent and lay it over a line or fence to dry. It is best NOT to use a washer & dryer.

Reinsman is one of the largest producers of top quality saddle pads in the world, and we believe this material perfectly embodies our mission to deliver the very best in quality and performance. More than five decades of proven beauty and performance are at your fingertips!

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