Reinsman X Series Cavalry Shank Bit 810

Reinsman X Series Cavalry Shank Bit 810

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Reinsman X Series Calvary Shank Sweet Iron Large Chain Mouth 810

8 inch cheeks, 5 inch mouth

This is a traditional shank redone to better suit the modern day performance horse. The heaviness of the shank is a good choice for horses that like to feel the bit. The special no pinch ball design is a great new feature. The tighter the curb strap the better the leverage this bit has. This is a universal mouthpiece because of the adjustability. It is versatile because it can be used by any rider on any level horse. It offers great control for speed events and creates a horse that is more willing to flex giving the rider better feel. The tighter it is in the horse's mouth and the tightness of the curb strap determines this bit's severity.

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