LincShine All in One Detailer + Shine + Protectant

LincShine All-in-One Detailer + Shine + Protectant

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You want to enjoy your vehicle, not spend all season cleaning and polishing it.

Use everywhere! Painted surfaces, glass, vinyl, plastic, chrome, seats, lights, mirrors, consoles, rails, wheels, helmets, trailers, and more

From the road to the waves, LincShine All-In-One Detailer saves you time with its easy-to-use formula. Now you can effortlessly detail in minutes what used to take hours. Its versatility is perfect for adding a distinctive shine to all your favorite vehicles.

The formula is a unique blend of premium polymers and cleaning agents that capture and gently remove dirt and other contaminants. The polymers then bond to the fresh surface to create an ultra-slick coating that adds incredible depth and protection. This sealed layer effectively repels water, dirt, and grime to help keep the surface cleaner. The result is a brighter, longer lasting shine that gets stronger with each additional application.

  • Simple spray on, wipe off formula can be applied in shade or sun and is safe for all surfaces and coatings
  • Bonds for exceptional gloss, clarity, and slickness
  • Shields against road grime, lake scum, water spots, brake dust, UV rays, and other damaging elements
  • Mess-Free formula leaves no swirl marks or residue and works great on black or dark colored vehicles
  • Eco-Friendly blend, no harsh chemicals or hazardous materials
  • 16 oz sprayer

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